About Us

About Us


We are three dreamers who come from the heart of the coffee region in Calarca Colombia where coffee were part in our everyday life. When one day we decided to migrate in search of better opportunities, and after many experiences decided that the best job is the one that you enjoy and came from your heart and soul, and then was born "Pueblo Querido" The origin of the name is something that comes from your heart every day you're away from your land where you were born and you miss immensely, because no matter where in the world you have migrated you always will say "How I miss my lovely hometown (Pueblo Querido)."


The aim of PUEBLO QUERIDO is focused on giving the finest fresh coffee with unique and special features, sharing the coffee culture and passion from its origins, therefore ensuring fair trade coffee traceable from the plant in the heart of the coffee field to our clients. Where our customers can enjoy always fresh coffee and freshly roasted.
Furthermore, it seeks to meet the needs of customers, providing high quality products that allow obtaining drinks made of specialty coffee with endless depth profiles, flavors, aromas and unique properties obtained from a special treatment in the harvest process, processing and drying prior requested by our company (which does not increase their production costs) mainly to the smalls coffee farms, where the farmers receive a premium price and we get and unique product.


Support Latin-American small businesses.
Pueblo Querido is a personalized hand-roasted by independent coffee roasters pouring our heart and soul into a finest and delicious product. Our specialty coffee is characterized by being always fresh and freshly roasted for your order, unlike coffees from the wholesale industrial companies sitting stale on a grocery store shelf.

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