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Beans Coffee from Quindio-Colombia 12oz
Believe us, this is perfect coffee for all your mornings.
Roast Degree: City roast, are those dropped just after first crack.
Each coffee whole bean or grind coffee is packaged by us in kraft pouch with unidirectional degassing valve, keeping the quality and freshness of coffee during the time of consumption.

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Our Colombian Beans Coffee are packed it in GrainPro bags and we imported in sacks of 35Kg(77.16lb), in this way, we preserve aroma, colour and freshness of our Specialty Beans Coffee.

We roast it for you in our Coffee Shop.


Variety: Castillo
Farm: La Esmeralda
Region: Quindío, Colombia
Altitude: 1850 masl



Fragrance and flavor: This coffee has floral notes of roses, daisies and jasmine.
Taste: chocolate notes are perceived.
Acidity: Medium – low and citrus.
Body: Half. Cold continues to perform well.
Balance: perfectly balanced and appropriate.
Aftertaste: The aftertaste is characteristic and extended a special highest of Salento Quindío.


Score: 86,50. This score was validated by a taster Q Grader Certificate.

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